Radiant Creation

I grew up surrounded by artists on both sides of my family—both grandmothers are artists in their own right, as well as my parents and sister—one grandmother is talented at needle-work and embrodery, the other as a painter and poet.  My mother is an expert at portraits and my father is a fantastic singer.  My sister is a designer and creative-extraordinaire.  Each one of them brings into existence beautiful things; none without inspiration, and none without support.

Having grown up immersed in the various artistic styles of my extended family, it makes sense that I would grow into a style uniquely my own.  I wouldn’t say I have been “trained” as an artist, but I would say I have learned about various forms of artistic expression my entire life.  I have been afforded, over these last few years, opportunities to explore on deeper and deeper levels what “art” means to me.  In the space of my marriage my husband continues to support my exploration and experimentation of different art forms which allows me to see any perceivable mistake in diverse artistic techniques as an opportunity to learn and grow, transform and transcend, and to realize that the purpose of any art form is the betterment of humankind.  Through all of this I’ve come to understand that art is not a mere expression of one’s self, for that would be too self-indulgent and entirely inaccurate.   Rather, the work of an artist is to bear witness to an unfolding process of creation.  One that is uplifting.  And to be a channel for something far greater then one’s self.  By this definition, all aspects of one’s life—service, work, worship, love, parenting, etc.—are forms of art, for it is the spirit which animates such forms that gives them life.

Nothing I create is ever my own.  It’s always intimately connected to the individual(s) it is created for, those in my company while it is being created, and hopefully, mainly by the unseen spiritual forces that surround us every moment of our lives.

Inspired by nature, the Word, light, beauty, contours, colors, textures, shadows, and experiences—all of which beckon us to the Divine—this space exists to share that which is created by this humble servant.  My hope is for this art to inspire you to discover that unique style of expression that lies waiting to be awakened within you.

You can view some projects here and here.

With gratitude,

Nature is God's WIll

© 2010-2015 Lindsey Lugsch-Tehle
All rights reserved.

All images provided on buildingafortress are copyright Lindsey Lugsch-Tehle.  All Rights Reserved.
For information on legally obtaining a digital copy and/or print of any of the images you see on this site, email us at radiantcreation@gmail.com.


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