Our Focus

In the Spring of 2013 we embarked on a journey; one that will forever leave deep imprints on our very hearts and souls. Timing is everything and it just so happened that after a few weeks into our service in Haifa, Israel at the Bahá’í World Centre, we literally stumble into a marriage workshop. The workshop paved the way for us to be better partners, children, siblings, and servants in the Divine Plan of God. Further, the workshop better equipped our institution with the necessary skills to ride the waves of the many integrating and disintegrating forces of our time. As the waves continued to crash ashore, as humanity pledged to move forward in a fledgling world, and as we found our place in the development of a new world order—we looked to our institution to be a fortress for well-being and salvation. We felt confident that with the grace and sturdy hand of God, coupled with an intentional focus on empowering the individuals, and the communities and institutions we found ourselves apart of, we could all live a life the way it was meant to be lived.

Below is our humble attempt to advance individually and collectively in a process supported by one another and the countless souls who have graced us by their presence in our lives. Following the guidance of the Universal House of Justice to engage in a process that “consists of cycles of activity, in general of three months’ duration each, which proceed according to distinct phases of expansion, consolidation, reflection and planning”, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery, mutual-learning, and unconditional support for one another and the whole of humanity.

Early on in our learning cycles we reflected on three groups of four lines of action. With each action we looked to answer the call of our individual and collective needs. Each action was inspired by sacred writings, divine guidance, and the beauty that every soul wished to share with us. Broken up into three cycles, each week provided an opportunity to check-in and better understand our strengths, challenges, and opportunities. After each weekly reflection, we came to a deeper awareness of the purpose of our lines of action and looked to further advance in the areas we saw the greatest potential for growth.

After some time, our learning cycles evolved.  Rather than focus on specific objectives each week, we decided to further align our cycles of activity to the guidance above.  Ultimately, we concluded that each cycle would be three Bahá’í months in length (57 days), have a unique objective, and find advancement through specific lines of action.  Below you will find the objectives, select lines of action, and our general reflections on each cycle.  We hope that our journey, in some small way, is of service to you, further inspiring you to take what has been revealed and translate it into action. Finally, we would love to hear how you are applying sacred writings and relevant guidance to your individual lives, to your community, and to the institutions you serve.

We love you all,

Riván 2013 to Riván 2014 | Overarching Objective
Explore how our institution can be supported by the application of guidance

Initial Learning Cycles

Riván 2014 to Riván 2015 | Overarching Objective
Support the nucleation of our institution’s framework for action

Learning Cycle 1

Learning Cycle 2

Learning Cycle 3

Learning Cycle 4

Riván 2015 to Riván 2016 | Overarching Objective
Fortify the crystallization of the discernible core elements of our institution’s framework for action

Learning Cycle 5

Learning Cycle 6

Learning Cycle 7


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