Cycle 1 Reflections

20 August to 15 October 2014 (171 B.E.)
Asmá* | ‘Izzat** | Mashiyyat***

Objective:  Re-acclimating to our service and expanding our horizons 

Select Lines of Action:
  • Focus our prayers on individual and collective service
  • Explore a new restaurant and/or a new recipe every other week
  • Exercise 2-4 times a week (e.g. walk, run, tabata)
Germane Guidance:

Let them at all times refresh and restore themselves with the dews of heavenly grace, and with the breaths of the Holy Spirit revive and renew themselves from moment to moment.
~Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Baha


Our first learning cycle was quite ambitious.  After returning from a short respite, our goal was to connect more deeply to our individual and collective service, to further explore our surroundings, and to attempt to see our extended environment with “new eyes”.  It turned out, visiting the Shrines with more intention, prioritizing exercise, and exploring new restaurants and cooking new recipes lent itself to expanding our horizons and, more importantly, re-acclimating our individual and collective lives to service.


© Lindsey Lugsch-Tehle 2015


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