How do we create?

Let’s just jump right in shall we?!

The idea is that creation is holding space for the capacity of a particular person or thing to embody and embrace its true essence and form. In other words, in every moment in our lives, we all have the opportunity to recognize and become aware of our role in creating said space as our ultimate reality and purpose. Often times, we struggle to control people or our surroundings, or we fixate on a desired outcome. In other words, in our work, our play, our service, we are engaging in activity that leads someone down a particular path that we ourselves have created for them. This mode of operation is ultimately violent. It is violent in that it does not allow each individual, or the true essence of something, to become who or what it might be. We force a square into a circle. As we remain attached to how we believe an event should unfold, what a thing should be, or who a person should become, we take ownership of an event, thing or person.  Our attachment keeps us from being truly present, as we are either focused on how we want the future to unfold or how we should have done things differently in the past.

However, with detachment and patience, with humility and complete awareness, with trust, authenticity and vulnerability, we offer ourselves to the process of becoming. In doing so, we rid ourselves of reacting to the past and future.  Rather, we complete ourselves by responding.  As we remain present, truly present to the moment, we participate in the most beautiful act; an act of creation.  We do not dictate it.  We do not enforce it.  We simply surrender to it.  In this surrendering, we each allow ourselves to be fully and completely present—whether it be in a conversation with a person who is having a difficult time deciding what path to follow in life, or writing your first or tenth symphony, or designing a tree house with your kids—it is our presence that creates.

What we create, is nothing more that the essence by which we were created. Therefore, our role in this life is the recognition that all we are, all that we create, and all that we offer, is of one essence and one substance. That is, we are and continue to be, Truth.

“Know thou moreover that all else besides Him have been created through the potency of a word from His presence.”

the Shrine

© 2012-2013 Lindsey Lugsch-Tehle
All rights reserved.


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